Frenchway offers a unique and enticing lunch menu. Serving delicious and hearty sandwiches on our homemade breads, salads made with the freshest produce, homemade dressings and special extras; like candied pecans and poached pears. Or try our daily meat and vegetarian soup choices that start from scratch with stock made in house, paired with the finest market-available ingredients and served with our garlic buttered baguette. 

Our signature raspberry pear salad

Fresh salads

Our salads are the freshest around - we support local farmers so we always have a seasonal vegetable to deliver the best in fresh wholesome food to you.



Come enjoy a bowl of home made soup, made with fresh ingredients every day!


Our scrumptious portobello mushroom and roasted beef sandwhich. 

Hearty Sandwhiches

Hungry for a something that will fill you up? Our house roasted beef with layers of portobello mushrooms is sure to satisfy.


THE FRENCHWAY'S ingredients are LOCALLY sourced WHEN POSSIBLE from our fabulous local vendors

French Way Chef Salad


Raspberry Pear Salad


Strawberry Spinach Salad